93 Eaton Square, London Case Study

Originally built in 1827 and commissioned by the Duke of Westminster, this Grade II listed Blue Plaque apartment located on London’s largest and most renowned garden square has been home to two former Prime Ministers - Stanley Baldwin and Margaret Thatcher.

The four-bedroom main residence interconnects with the two-bedroom mews house at 35 Eaton Mews North providing 7,489 sq. feet of living space in this historical neighbourhood.


  • Leica Total Station TS16
  • Leica GNSS Receiver GS14
  • Laser Scanner RTC360


  • Site time: 1 day
  • CAD time: 7 days

What we did

ASES was asked to carry out a survey to provide the architect and design consultant with comprehensive set of 2D CAD drawings prior to the refurbishment of the property, which included: a topographical survey, internal floor plans of every level, external and courtyard elevations and 6 cross sections. We were also commissioned to deliver full set of detailed internal elevations of every room showing joinery details (i.e., skirting, architraves, coving), electrical sockets, switches, wall mounted features and changes in surface.

Our team carried out the survey using a Leica RTC360 3D laser scanner with a measuring rate of up to 2 million points per second. The survey was georeferenced using a Leica GNSS receiver and TS16 total station.
Individual scans were registered using Leica Cyclone software creating a coordinated 3D point cloud in Recap format (.rcp) compatible with Autodesk CAD and Revit.

The coordinated point cloud was translated into digital format issued in PDF and AutoCAD DWG files.


As the building was Grade II listed heritage, architectural features and joinery elements of interest required additional attention on site by the laser scan team which were under additional pressure to complete the survey within the day. The use of Leica RTC360 made the challenge possible due to lightweight nature and speed of capture

The highly experienced CAD team ensured that no detail was missed.