Meath Crescent, Bethnal Green Case Study

The three large blocks of flats at Meath Crescent, Bethnal Green owned by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government contain more than 200 flats reaching over 25m in height.

Our client was appointed on a two-year programme for the removal of all the non-fire-rated systems and insulation, including external envelopes, cladding systems and insulation.


  • Laser Scanner RTC360
  • Leica Total Station TS16
  • Leica GNSS Receiver GS14


  • Site time: 1 day
  • CAD time: 10 days

What we did

ASES was commissioned to carry out a survey to provide with existing relevant information before the re-cladding works took place. The requested drawings consisted of a full topographical survey, accurate external elevations, roof plan and 8 sections detailing the profile of the balconies and windows.

Data was collected using our Leica RTC360 scanner complemented with the establishment of a control network using the Leica TS16 total station. Once processed and registered, the point cloud consisted of 360 scans exported in Recap format allowing it to be imported into AutoCAD software to generate the final set of drawings.

A total of 50 external elevations were produced to cover all the façades and were issued to the client along with the topographical survey, roof plan and sections within the tight deadline.


The survey team was presented with the challenge of liaising with existing tenants and coordinating individual visits to live flats and their respective balconies to complete necessary elevation survey data. The 360 high resolution scans were completed within a single working day, minimising disruption to building tenants.