Dimensional control involves the capture of accurate geometrical and geographic data, referenced to control benchmarks. Essentially, it is a fusion of measurements with 3D mathematical modelling, in order to analyse the surveyed item and then compare it either to other objects, or to its own design.

ASES embraces the technological advances that have been introduced to the surveying industry. We make use of the latest Leica and Faro equipment, as well as proven engineering survey techniques. This helps us to survey, process, analyse and output our observations into 2D or 3D

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Cad or Point Cloud Deliverables

Our deliverables feature quick and easy data evaluation and problem checking to clients. The exact, sub-millimetre dimensional accuracy ensures that all projects are a guaranteed first-time fit.

Experienced Dimensional Control Surveyors

Our dimensional control experience ranges from surveying staircases for the design of architectural steel / balustrades, water treatment works, or where structures are measured for the retro fit of ground penetrating radar (GRP) covers.

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Determining the fit of structural steelwork prior to fabrication

The experienced surveyors at ASES are employed extensively for determining the fit of structural steelwork prior to fabrication. Survey visits can be followed up with setting out of the elements after the design process is complete, which ensures an error-free process that avoids costly downtime on site.

All of these elements provide substantial benefits to any building or construction project.

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  • Structural Steel Surveys
  • Fabrication Surveys
  • Industrial Measurement
  • Clash Detection
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Alignment Surveys