Setting out is an important step in the construction process. It involves the work of a surveyor or setting out engineer to accurately position and stake out the location of proposed structures. This process is essential to ensure the proposed elements accurately reflect design intentions and guarantees a seamless flow between collaboration trades.

The setting out process begins with the accurate coordination of digital site plans and the extraction of setting out information using proprietary software, eliminating human error.

Using precise robotic total stations, positioning data is physically translated on-site by means of clear marking. In-house quality assurance (QA) ensures that setting out data does not deviate from the design.

ASES Setting Out Engineer Services

With over 20 years’ of site experience ASES specialise in setting out at any stage of a project. Working alongside specialist contractors has given us in depth knowledge of the construction process which enables us to deliver a superior setting out service. We understand the importance of accuracy in setting out and pride ourselves on using the latest industry technology which allows us to deliver projects accurately and efficiently.

At ASES we place a strong emphasis on eliminating human error and by implementing the use of electronic, DWG format drawings, co-ordinates can be extracted from design to field.

One man robotic
At ASES we place a strong emphasis on eliminating human error and by implementing the use of technology.

Structural/Architectural design drawings are manipulated to a local grid or national grid and setting out points exported onto Leica Robotic, one man Total Stations or GPS rovers, eliminating input and operative error.

Our setting out site engineers provides an extra level of quality assurance for a construction project. Our engineer's expertise and specialised equipment help ensure the project is built to the required specifications and standards.

We specialise in the setting out of structural steel for the country's leading fabricators and pile setting out for foundation contractors. We can supply consumables such as pins, mushroom caps and profile boards on request.

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Setting out, eliminates the guess work and downtime caused by incorrect measurements by untrained site operatives.

Ensure buildings fit and align within their design constraints.

If the site is an ongoing project all we need is survey control and coordinated DWG format plans that relate to the work being carried out.

A new project without previous attendance will require a Topographical Plan and the designers setting out plans in DWG format.

As a last resort, we can use software to convert PDF drawings into DWG format to enable the setting out. Necessary steps are performed to ensure there are no quality issues with the setting out work.

There are usually two options if a topographical survey has not been carried out prior to the design of the project.

A best fit survey can measure constraints in the form of surrounding features or buildings, the proposed structure can then be placed accurately within intended distances from boundaries or spaces, this ensures planning or design codes are met.

Best fit surveys do not compromise accuracy but may highlight any issues that occur when designs have been commissioned without measuring the developed area as boundaries can be encroached.

In the case that the building is freestanding, for example within an open space or field, the position of the building or new feature will be agreed on site with the site team or designers.

Setting out day rates will vary depending on factors such as location and whether a two man (engineer + assistant) team is required.

In all cases ASES supply our own fully calibrated robotic total stations. The majority of tasks are completed by a setting out engineer, without the need for assistance, with the use of the robotic total stations as this reduces the expense of an assistant.

The nature of the task will also affect the cost, for example setting out long lengths of sprayed gridlines on floors may incur a fee for the provision of spray consumables.

Benefits of Setting Out

  • Industry leading instruments and technology
  • Fully qualified and experienced engineers
  • Dedicated team that can be called on at a moment’s notice
  • Cover wide area across greater London and surrounding counties

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