3D Laser Scanning is a process of High Definition Surveying (HDS), it allows reality capture of up to co-ordinated points per second. The combination of its long range, speed and remote capability result in data collection that was never possible with conventional survey techniques and significantly cuts down on site time and increases safety. This efficient and cost effective service allows millimetre accuracy for a wide range of projects from residential to industrial plant.

Leica P40 3D Laser Scanner

ASES implement the use of the latest Leica technology with integrated high definition cameras that collect photographs with each scan producing realistic, rich, 3D point clouds allowing complex structures and surfaces to be accurately surveyed and viewed with outputs to suit the client’s needs and project requirements.

ASES have successfully employed the use of Laser scanners in challenging situations that are difficult to measure due to access and level of detail required.

A wide variety of format options allow importing into most 3rd party CAD software with deliverables ranging from 2D floor plans and elevations to 3D rendered surfaces, solids and fly throughs.

Trueview, allows measurement and co-ordinate display from panoramic views.

  • PCG (.pcg)
  • E57 (.e57)
  • PTS (.pts)
  • PTX (.ptx)
  • Unified RCP (.rcp)
  • Unified RCS (.rcs)
  • Pointools POD (.pod)
  • Scene Scan File (.fls)
  • IGES (.igs)
  • DXF (.dxf)
  • XYZ Ascii (.xyz)
  • XYZ Binary (.xyb)
  • VRML (.wrl)

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Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

  • Remote capture
  • Fast data capture
  • High detail
  • Reduce cost by eliminating re-visits


  • 2D deliverables - Plans, Sections, Elevations, Topographic Survey
  • 3D models - BIM, DWG, Revit, 3D topographic surveys
  • Mesh Models
  • Coloured Point clouds
  • Fly-throughs
  • Visualization

3D Laser Scanning Showcase

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